Current Activity

In early 2017 the company was tasked by the Fund to identify 4-6 resort opportunities in the United Kingdom.  The evaluation process commenced and over 120 different projects were assessed. This wide pool was scrutinised and reduced down to 30 locations which were visited.

Of the thirty sites, five were selected as prime opportunities for the Fund.  The five sites that are currently being considered are:

  1. The xxxxxx – Shropshire
  2. xxxxx Park – Norfolk
  3. The xxxxxx – Wiltshire
  4. xxxxxxx – Cornwall
  5. xxxxxxx - Devon

All of the above acquisitions will take place within the next 1-6 months and NVHMS has been tasked the pre purchase roles of:

  1. Master-planning
  2. Managing the Planning Process
  3. Assessing the financial viability of each project
  4. Evaluating construction costs
  5. Project planning
  6. Hotel and lodge/villa design – resort design
  7. Golf course, clubhouse and golf support facilities design
  8. Project site and market demand analysis
  9. Value engineering and its relationship to guest acceptance.

In December 2016, the Company was engaged by Mountain Trust Property Fund AG, a Swiss entity, to assist in their assemblage of four hotels (Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen, Hotel Mattmarkblick, Hotel Monte Moro, & Hotel Olympia) in the Saas Almagell ski area of Switzerland. The role that NVHMS has contracted is to manage:

  1. Project site and market demand analysis.
  2. Hotel, restaurant, lounge, meeting and function space design.
  3. Spa design, including salon, treatment and retail areas
  4. Recreational amenity planning and design
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